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      The top 6 tips for reducing your legal fees are:

      1. Insist upon transparency in your legal bills.
      2. Ensure only reasonable amounts of staff are billing time for meetings, depositions or other attendances at court.
      3. Make sure an attorney billing travel time is completing work [for you!] whilst they travel.
      4. An attorney should not bill for clerical work that can easily be completed by administrative staff.
      5. Online Legal Databases charges are a cost that a law firm should absorb into their overhead – not into your bills!
      6. An attorney can sometimes log late-night hours trying to meet a deadline for your matter. Come to an agreement about under what circumstances, if any, an attorney can charge you for ordering a meal whilst on the clock.

      Reviewing your legal bills can be a daunting and frustrating task. Between trying to understand the specific work an attorney has completed, to wondering why they charged you for a few reams of paper at the photocopier, the following video explains the six quick ways to identify savings in your legal bills.

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