Billing Guidelines & Standards

Legal Fee Advisors creates fair, customized and easily enforceable billing standards in just a few days. These standards can then be implemented by clients to ensure firms are billing them with efficiency and transparency.

In conjunction with our Diagnostic Analysis, clients have a clear picture of what billing rules would work to address their problems and achieve significant savings in the long run.

We help clients create reasonable and effective billing standards that work by focusing on:

  1. Areas of Reasonable Agreement​
  2. Standards that Create Real Efficiency and Savings​
  3. Standards that Create Transparency​
  4. Standards that can be Monitored with Clarity​
  5. The Benefits from Industry Best Practices and Cooperation

Corporate Clients and Individuals with long term litigation

The best choice for you are our Customized Billing Guidelines.

Our billing rules can be customized to each client’s individual needs and can be purchased in combination with our e-billing system and discounted bill monitoring services.

Individuals and Small Business

Our guidelines are a reasonable starting point for you to begin.

Make sure you are in control over the billing process by purchasing our Standardized Billing Guidelines: Client’s Billing Rules and Standards.

Our Billing Guidelines are ready to use in conjunction with the execution of a basic retainer agreement between client and counsel.

To learn more about Legal Fee Advisors’ Billing Guidelines Services, contact us here.

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