Legal Fee Consulting & Auditing

3 Steps to Implementing Savings:

  1. Diagnostic Analysis Performed
  2. Creation or Revision of Fair, Customized and Easily Enforceable Billing Standards
  3. Legal Bill Monitoring Services – Efficient, Fair and Confidential

Legal Fee Advisors performs an in-depth analysis of a client’s legal bills to determine whether commercially reasonable standards have been complied with by outside counsel and if any additional savings can be achieved for the client. Helping the client to answer a basic question: “How much could I save if fair, reasonable billing rules were in place and enforced?”

Upon completing the analysis, we can work with the client to develop and create a set of customized billing guideline services that are enforceable, fair and reasonable. This process can be achieved in a matter of days, assisting the client in identifying what significant savings can be achieved.

We are then available to monitor the implementation of these Billing Standards, or train your staff to do so, ensuring ongoing compliance by outside counsel. By providing an outsourced solution that respects the attorney-client relationship, helps to reduce the strain that monitoring can have on in-house counsel or corporate clients.

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