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      I had been charged with a DUI a few years ago. I was told by my lawyer that the fee for retaining him would be $2,500. I paid him in full well before any trials or pre-trial conferences had come up. During the course of the proceedings he had sent me an invoice telling me that if I paid him an extra $1,850 he would see to it that my license never got suspended. I have since found out that this was a complete lie. There is no possible way to avoid license suspension when you get a DUI. I paid the extra $1,850 with the expectation that my license wouldn’t be suspended. When it did get suspended I asked my lawyer for that money back since that was the reason why I had paid him that extra money and he refused to give me a refund. What recourse do I have in order to get that money back?

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      Hi Seed88,

      Thank you for your interest in our forum.

      Looking at the information you have provided us, it doesn’t look like it would be worthwhile or economical for you to engage us to assist you here.

      In order to get the best possible advice, we suggest that you speak with an ethics lawyer from your state to discuss any possible recourse from your previous lawyer, such as making a claim in a small claims court.

      All the best,

      The Team at LFA

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