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      The condo management sent mail regarding rental of the unit but we were out of the country and did not receive the mail.

      We then received an email from the condo board and their lawyer.

      We responded to the email and with a few enquiries and had a back and forth with the condo board and the lawyer.

      At NO TIME was it disclosed that we would be charged back legal fees for responding to the emails as the entire board and management company was also cc’d in the emails.

      The management company maintains the position that since we responded to the email from the lawyer we solicited him and now we owe him for responding to the emails even though we paid the initial amount requested in the letter.

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      Hi Saudia,

      Thanks for posting in our forum. Without having any further context regarding your matter it’s hard to say what the lawyer can and cannot charge for. More specifically, we’d need to know in what state of the U.S. is the condo located?

      If you’re still in need of some help – send us an email at and we can have a brief discussion about your issue.


      The Team at LFA

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