Expert Services

Legal Fee Advisors brings decades of experience and precision to the analysis of legal bills. We apply commercial, ethical and legal standards to the analysis of billings, providing a basic answer to a common issue: Would a reasonable client pay the legal bills at issue? Was there proper utilization of staff? Are the bills transparent?

Our analysis is conducted by an all attorney staff, on a line-by-line basis, resulting in a comprehensive, compelling analysis of fees and disbursements.

We have completed analyses such as the following:
Case Study #1:

An arbitration of $135 Million in disputed fees awarded as a result of asserted violation of a licensing agreement. Prepared detailed analysis applying New York and commercial standards. Favorable result.

Case Study #2:

Review of $22 Million fee dispute before ethics panel, involving analysis of contingency elements, use of clerical staff and failure to render bills for months at a time. Favorable result.

Case Study #3:

Analysis of $40+ Million in fees in action against firm for excessive billing, involving more than 100 time chargers. Favorable result.

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