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After Gerrymandering Challenge Win, Plaintiffs Lose Out On 45% of Attorneys’ Fees

By Zachary Kalmbach. A North Carolina federal judge slashed a fee request by 45% because of a number of billing errors and plaintiffs’ limited success. After partially succeeding in a gerrymandering challenge, plaintiffs requested $681,373.95 in fees, $14,960.24 in litigation expenses, $32,813.42 in expert fees, and $9,057.68 in taxable costs. The court reduced fees by […]

Reputation for Excessive Billing Costs Lawyer Over $1 Million in Fees

By Zachary Kalmbach. The 7th Circuit affirmed a lower court’s decision to cut a fee request by over 70%, and in so doing held that lower courts can consult a lawyer’s history of poor performance and excessive billing when determining fee awards. A police officer won a $30,000 verdict in a workplace discrimination suit, and […]