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Billing Improprieties Push Massachusetts Court to Slash Fees by 40%

By Zachary Kalmbach. A Massachusetts fee dispute highlights the consequences of several improper billing practices, including block billing, charging for clerical work, and overstaffing. The case arose out of an employment dispute and resulted in a jury verdict for plaintiff, who subsequently moved for an award of $487,150 in attorneys’ fees and $83,639.64 in costs. […]

Minnesota Court Refuses to Charge National Rates, Slashing Fee Award by 52%

By Zachary Kalmbach. A court’s refusal to charge national billing rates in an attorneys’ fees dispute drastically reduced a fee award in 2017. Safelite v. Rothman, a Minnesota federal court case, arose out of enforcement and regulatory actions taken by the Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) concerning plaintiff Safelite. In April 2015, Safelite sued the […]