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Texas Appellate Court Rescues Vigilante from $300,000 in Attorneys’ Fees

By Zachary Kalmbach. A Texas appellate court was troubled by a trial court’s grossly inadequate consideration of a large fee award, and remanded the case for reconsideration. James McGibney, who is a founder and operator of a number of “vigilante justice” websites, sued Neal Rauhauser alleging a number of defamation torts. The trial court dismissed […]

Missouri Court Takes Care of Unhealthy Billing Practices, Reduces Fees by 39%

By Zachary Kalmbach. A plethora of billing improprieties led a Missouri federal court to cut a fee request by nearly 40%. In the case, the plaintiffs claimed that certain Missouri healthcare statutes were preempted by the Affordable Care Act. The Court granted summary judgment for plaintiffs, after which plaintiffs sought $513,799.57 in attorneys’ fees. A […]