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Legal Fee Advisors is a group of highly experienced attorneys and legal fee analysts working hard to make sure that clients only pay fair, ethical legal fees.

For more than 30 years, the experts at Legal Fee Advisors have been helping companies investigate and remedy improper practices, transform billing practices and manage legal costs. We provide expert testimony to support client’s positions in legal fee litigation. Through our consultancy, auditing and expert testimony practices, our group of highly experienced attorneys, analysts and internationally recognized Legal Fee Experts enable clients to identify questionable historical legal charges, and avoid further problems in the future.

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Arizona Court Cuts Fees by 55% for Improper Allocation of Work and Excessive Billing

By Zachary Kalmbach. A fee award in a 2017 District of Arizona case, Maricopa County v. Office Depot, Inc., highlights the importance of properly allocating work between experienced attorneys and associates and provides several examples of excessive billing. The case involved plaintiff Maricopa County’s purchase of office supplies from defendant Office Depot, with the Plaintiff […]

New York Court Slashes Fees by 60% for Inefficiencies and Excessive, Vague, and Block-Billed Time Entries

By Zachary Kalmbach. A fee award in a December 2013 Southern District of New York case, Baez v. New York City Housing Authority, demonstrates several factors which can lead to a reduction to a fee award in fee-shifting cases.  Public housing tenants filed a class action suit against the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), […]