About Legal Fee Advisors

Legal Fee Consulting, Auditing & Expert Services.

Legal Fee Advisors™ is a group of highly experienced attorneys and analysts working hard to make sure that clients only pay fair, ethical legal fees.

Few clients have the time or resources to ensure that outside counsel are operating within accepted ethical and legal guidelines.

For more than 30 years, our internationally recognized Legal Fee Experts have been helping companies investigate and remedy improper practices, transform billing practices, and manage legal costs.

We also provide expert testimony to support client’s positions in legal fee litigation.

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Our Services

  • Billing Guidelines & Standards: The team at Legal Fee Advisors can assist clients in creating and implementing fair, reasonable and easily enforceable billing guidelines.
  • Legal Fee Consulting & Auditing: A diagnostic analysis on legal billings can be performed on a sample of historic legal bills to identify billing issues. We then create and customize an action plan to make certain that firms observe, on an ongoing basis, commercially reasonable standards. Common savings of 20-30% in the first year of implementation drive efficiency and transparency.
  • Forensic Auditing – Investigating Historical Billing Issues: Legal Fee Advisors™ frequently performs confidential, in-depth, and objective analyses of historical billings to determine adherence to legal, ethical and prevailing legal standards. This permits timely and confidential resolution of billing problems.
  • Expert Testimony & Dispute Resolution: Our experts are available to provide expert opinions and testimony in US and International matters regarding legal fee disputes.

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