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      The easiest way to reduce your legal bills is to identify fees that are “excessive, redundant, or otherwise unnecessary,” this is the method adopted by the United States Supreme Court. Examples of these types of fees include needlessly including multiple attorneys at one meeting, hearing or other event, or fees associated with getting the summer intern up to speed on your case. These types of fees are easily identifiable within a legal bill – keep an eye out for words such as “training,” “interoffice,” “travel,” or “printing” for example.

      It is up to the firm to conduct themselves in an efficient matter. Billing Guidelines can be an effective way of ensuring this happens for you. The guidelines can ensure a lawyer doesn’t bill time for sitting on a plane while not completing any substantive work, or they can ensure that the lawyer charging $1000/hour doesn’t complete administrative tasks that require no legal knowledge to do so and that should have been delegated to administrative staff.

      To learn more about Billing Guidelines, follow this link to our site here.

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