Other Corporate Services

In addition to our core services, Legal Fee Advisors also offers additional Corporate Services to clients:

  • Reverse Auctions
  • Complex Litigation Cost Management
  • Law Firm Certification

Reverse Auctions

Legal Fee Advisors’ Reverse Auctions are held on an on-line platform that allows qualified law firms to bid on your complex litigation (that is likely to exceed over $200,000 in fees). The firms generally watch the others bid live on our platform, but don’t know the identity of the other firms. At the end of the process, the client can make an informed decision, based upon the quality of the firm, the total cost, and, if desired, whether the firm will bid on a “success” fee for early resolution.

Complex Litigation Cost Management

Achieving budgetary control on large, complex, on-going litigations can be difficult for an in-house legal department with limited resources. Legal Fee Advisors provides experienced support in setting budgets, projections, and reasonable billing standards in cooperation with counsel. We then monitor case billings to achieve compliance with projected economic goals, relieving in-house counsel of the time-consuming burden of bill analysis.

Best Billing Practices Certification: Ensuring Law Firm Efficiency and Transparency

With many years of experience under its belt working with corporate clients on legal billing practices, Legal Fee Advisors has created a certification program that has distinct, valuable deliverables:

  1. Diagnosis and Education: We first review each firm’s billing procedures and processes, and compare them to the best practices utilized by US commercial clients. We then ensure that firms understand how their particular billing practices measure up to the types of billing efficiencies and transparency most valued by commercial clients, identifying opportunities for improvement.
  2. Private Analysis: Our analysis and diagnostic process is confidential.
  3. Customized Plan: The results of Legal Fee Advisors’ diagnostic analysis is then converted to a plan for achieving targeted efficiencies and transparency – a road to certification.
  4. Certification and Free Listing: The value of an objective certification by a respected fee practices consultant is clear. Legal Fee Advisors’ Best Billing Practices Certification will set firms apart, ensuring clients that the certified law firm truly understands the concerns of commercial clients. In addition, free introductory listing on Legal Fee Advisors’ website is included as part of Legal Fee Advisors’ initial engagement.

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